Monday, May 6, 2019

Seniors- Top 10

DISCLAIMER: I did not shoot any of these images

Xavier Epps
I chose this image overall because of the scenery and focus of the picture. I like the vulnerability and innocence in the model's face. 

Chris Garcia-Sanchez
I picked this image because of the framing and simplify, like how the model looks contemplative.

Xavier Epps
I mainly picked this image because I loved the idea of the model have their school and class on the palms

Chris Garcia-Sanchez
I like how they placed the model on the jungle gym

Isaiah Mayo
I like how the model has the gown thrown over their shoulder as if they're ready to hang up their high school years

Ester Fritz
I like the exposure and lighting of the image along with the nature background

Kamryn Liddel
I like the model have the fingers in the foreground with the grad year on them. the use of focus is great.

Caitlyn Cruz
Simple but overall great contrast and focus

Isaiah Mayo
I like the simplicity yet elegance of the pose

Ester Fritz
I love the scenery as well as the placement of the model

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Nature stuf

While doing this assignment i wanted to find the hidden beauty on nature, the things people simply stroll pass as the walk to class or around their neighborhood. I wanted to find the minimal details we tend to gloss over on our day to day and capture the pure untapped essence of nature.

Do it for the vine

Red Fern

Lil Rock

On a perch

Green light

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Album Project

For this project we were instructed to create our our Movie poster or Album cover using photoshop techniques. To start off this project I had a classmate take a photo of me. Once I uploaded the image I used a filter from topaz simplify in Light Room to get the look of a drawing. I then took this image into photoshop. Once the image was in photo shop I made a copy of the image, and placed a white background behind it. I placed a gradient overlay with a radial style on the white background to create the hypnotic circles. After that was done I simple google a parental Advisory logo, which I placed in the bottom right corner and came up with a trash name for the album, adding a 3D effect to top it off.

Friday, November 2, 2018

7-10 "Best" ATPI

Coming into photography my junior year, I was expecting to be an amazing photographer, and i still don't, but thanks to Mrs. Marafioto I learned a tad about how to take a fairly decent photograph 

Digitally Constructed- The polaroid look

Open- Good contrast

Open- Saturation

Still life- depth of field

Thematic Open Book- Under saturation

Thursday, October 11, 2018

5 best 2018

Within the first few weeks of school we began shooting and I found myself a little rusty but not long after i got back into the groove of things and managed to take a few fairly decent photos

Painting with light

A drop of color

Upside down

Thursday, May 24, 2018

BEST Photos

Jasper Cat
I don't remember how I did this edit but i like the polaroid look of it

Face Art
I already explained how i did this in my previous post but i like this project the most because of how much freedom I had and the lack of pressure

Splash on 'em
I used a high shutter speed to capture the water droplets as it popped. I increased the exposure and detail to make it look fuego

Double Exposed
This is one of my favorites because of how unfamiliar it was 


FACE art

FACE art

For this project we were told to divide our faces into 4 quadrants and make them different.
In the top left quadrant I took the blending brush over the entire photo and added colors to add an aesthetic and blended that. Upper right I simply used the filter option and used stained glass filter and painted the background red. Lower left I outlined my face with purple and used a filter(forgot the name) Lower right i used the draw tool to outline the details of my face and used a tool that makes the photo look more animated then i colored the background blue